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The Massage Dream Team community is like a Facebook social network dedicated completely to massage therapy.

You will be able to create a beautiful profile and timeline with all your links, pictures, videos, etc.

You can update your status and write all about your business.

Meet and get to know massage therapists, teachers and suppliers around the world.

Join or create groups and forums on anything and everything to do with massage.

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Why Join Our Massage Community?


You may be wondering why you want to join our community if you already have a Facebook page and group.

The reasons are simple:

  •  More internet exposure and more links back to your own sites which helps the Google ranking of all your sites.
  • Get to know therapists and people in the massage community personally by joining forums and friending or following people and private messaging.
  • All massage groups on Facebook are welcome to join and create forums here on various topics of interest.
  • Groups and forums can be private or public.
  • Do you have something to teach, or a product to share?  Create groups and forums or add videos or images to display them with links back to  your site or contact information.

Join our Massage Community here.