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Massage Therapist, Value Yourself

By nature, massage therapists tend to be giving, nurturing people. Because of this we tend to give beyond our human capabilities often for a reduced rate, or for no fee at all! My dear massage therapist, value yourself!

My sweet, fellow massage therapist, value yourself!

Don’t give away the only thing you have to sell. Even though this is a compassionate job, give your compassion through study, research, knowledge and your total dedication during a massage.

Your compassion does not involve your wallet.  Massage is your bread and butter. This is why you study and research. This is why you sacrifice your body.

A Massage Therapist should do their part in giving healing and therapeutic massages.

By the same token, a client should do their part by honoring your knowledge, skill and effort by paying a deserving amount. It should always be a two way street.

Even if you massage your spouse or children, they should reciprocate in some capacity.  It could be cooking the next few meals, doing the dishes for a few days or anything else worthy of your effort.

A career in Massage Therapy can be very lucrative for a good, healthy therapist. If we overextend, however, we could find our careers ending all too soon either because of burn out or injuries to our bodies.

Be sure to always be compensated with a dignified amount and you’ll be able to pace yourself well. This will ensure a long career in Massage Therapy.

To Your Success!

Laurie Wetzstein