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Massage Therapists Need a Day Off

All massage therapists need a day off from work every week for optimal health, both physical and mental. Whether we work in a spa, clinic, on our own or all of the above taking a full day off is essential for us to maintain our enthusiasm for our very physically demanding job.

It is so tempting to take on that extra client for extra money. I know. I’ve been there. Make no mistake, however, working 7 days a week turns out to be far more costly than that extra money we made. When we neglect our sacred me time, we pay for it later. Working without giving ourselves a break to just do nothing or even have a mini mental meltdown creates gives birth to that demon that loves to grow inside of us, which immediately begins his job of killing us slowly. This demon is called “STRESS”. He gets in so fast and is so hard to evict. Yes. One day off does help thwart him off. However, if we allow stress in by neglecting ourselves, it could take a whole lot more than just one day a week to heal.

Awesome, talented and brilliant massage therapists aren’t so awesome, talented and brilliant when they are stressed or their bodies are in pain. So, massage therapists, make a solemn vow to yourselves to take at least one day off a week where you will not do one massage. You will not massage your spouse, child, best paying client or even trade with your friend (unless it is only to receive). All massage therapists need a day off. It can be any day of the week, just make it consistent. I chose Tuesdays because they were my slowest days anyway. You may want to choose Saturday or Sunday. If your schedule permits it, go for it! You may even decide to take 2 days off. That’s great if you can afford it! Just remember, one day there can be NO massages at all!

What if your best paying client threw her back out and needs you A.S.A.P.?? Okay. Go, but free up another day of the week. Kindly ask your clients to switch days because an emergency arose. Seriously. A day off is vital for massage therapists to be successful and have a long career. Don’t be that person that does’t even notice until it is too late and you are burned out with a couple of slipped disks. No way! Chose to honor yourself and take that solemn oath!